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Heirloom Bassinets

Baby Bassinet Store is proud to feature traditional bassinets from Heirloom. The Heirloom bassinet collection is a series of exclusive bassinets for customers that want the very best for their new baby. The Heirloom silk bassinet collection features stunning full length skirts that are accented with colorful bows. Made of high quality fabric and a style to fit any taste, an Heirloom baby bassinet will be the highlight of any nursery. Take your pick of bassinets made with elegant organza material, silk shantung or choose a delightful lace and tulle design. Many of the Heirloom bassinets have beautiful embroidery to add charm and style to the traditional bassinet. Many Heirloom baby bassinets come with a comfortable and decorative pillow and all come equipped with a bassinet mattress. This a truly unique collection of baby bassinets. From the adorable yet affordable, to high end luxury, Heirloom has the baby bassinet to suit the budget of any new parent.

silk shantungsilk shantung

Heirloom Bassinets

Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in White with Pink Bow BA-1417Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in White with Pink Bow BA-1417
Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in Pink BA-1296Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in Pink BA-1296
Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in White BA-1294Heirloom Modelo Classical Bassinet in White BA-1294
Heirloom Crystal Brooch in White BA-2003WHeirloom Crystal Brooch in White BA-2003W
Heirloom Crystal Brooch in Champagne BA-2003CHeirloom Crystal Brooch in Champagne BA-2003C
Heirloom Crystal Brooch in Ivory BA-2003IHeirloom Crystal Brooch in Ivory BA-2003I
Heirloom Rosebuds Bassinet BA-53-2012Heirloom Rosebuds Bassinet BA-53-2012
Heirloom Silky Bebe Bassinet BA-1411Heirloom Silky Bebe Bassinet BA-1411
Heirloom Sweet Cinnamon Bassinet BA-05-2009Heirloom Sweet Cinnamon Bassinet BA-05-2009
Heirloom Chocolate Delight Bassinet BA-08-2009Heirloom Chocolate Delight Bassinet BA-08-2009
Heirloom Classic Elegance Bassinet BA-07-2009Heirloom Classic Elegance Bassinet BA-07-2009
Heirloom Flowers and Pearls Bassinet BA-51-2012Heirloom Flowers and Pearls Bassinet BA-51-2012
Heirloom Rose Garden Bassinet BA-04-2009Heirloom Rose Garden Bassinet BA-04-2009
Heirloom Serendipity Bassinet BA-26-2010Heirloom Serendipity Bassinet BA-26-2010
Heirloom Ashley's Bouquet Bassinet BA-03-2009Heirloom Ashley's Bouquet Bassinet BA-03-2009
Heirloom Silky Rose Bassinet BA-1414Heirloom Silky Rose Bassinet BA-1414
Heirloom Teacup's Rose Garden Bassinet BA-41-2011Heirloom Teacup's Rose Garden Bassinet BA-41-2011
Heirloom Elegant Victoria Bassinet BA-06-2009Heirloom Elegant Victoria Bassinet BA-06-2009
Heirloom My Little Angel Bassinet BA-27-2010PHeirloom My Little Angel Bassinet BA-27-2010P
Heirloom My Little Angel Bassinet BA-27-2010BHeirloom My Little Angel Bassinet BA-27-2010B
Heirloom Sweet Rose Bassinet BA-1410Heirloom Sweet Rose Bassinet BA-1410
Heirloom Whimsical Bassinet BA-58-2012Heirloom Whimsical Bassinet BA-58-2012
Heirloom Unique Twist Bassinet BA-54-2012Heirloom Unique Twist Bassinet BA-54-2012
Heirloom Princess Sophia Bassinet BA-42-2011Heirloom Princess Sophia Bassinet BA-42-2011
Heirloom Modern Twist Bassinet BA-43-2011Heirloom Modern Twist Bassinet BA-43-2011
Heirloom Blossom Baby Bassinet BA-33-2011Heirloom Blossom Baby Bassinet BA-33-2011
Heirloom Timeless Bassinet BA-39-2011Heirloom Timeless Bassinet BA-39-2011
Heirloom Pink-A-Bow Bassinet BA-25-2010PHeirloom Pink-A-Bow Bassinet BA-25-2010P
Heirloom Pink-A-Bow Bassinet BA-25-2010IHeirloom Pink-A-Bow Bassinet BA-25-2010I
Heirloom Ballerina Bassinet BA-40-2011Heirloom Ballerina Bassinet BA-40-2011
Heirloom Baby's Haven Bassinet BA-24-2010Heirloom Baby's Haven Bassinet BA-24-2010
Heirloom Baby's Jungle Bassinet BA-22-2010Heirloom Baby's Jungle Bassinet BA-22-2010
Heirloom Serenity Bassinet BA-37-2011Heirloom Serenity Bassinet BA-37-2011
Heirloom Glamorous Baby Girl Bassinet BA-59-2012Heirloom Glamorous Baby Girl Bassinet BA-59-2012
Heirloom Baby Goddess Bassinet BA-35-2011Heirloom Baby Goddess Bassinet BA-35-2011
Heirloom Victorian Rose Bassinet BA-31-2011Heirloom Victorian Rose Bassinet BA-31-2011
Heirloom Honey Skies Bassinet BA-32-2011Heirloom Honey Skies Bassinet BA-32-2011
Heirloom Flower Basket Bassinet BA-36-2011Heirloom Flower Basket Bassinet BA-36-2011
Heirloom Lia Marie Bassinet BA-30-2011Heirloom Lia Marie Bassinet BA-30-2011
Heirloom Baby's First Tiara Bassinet BA-34-2011Heirloom Baby's First Tiara Bassinet BA-34-2011
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